Announce your Public Key

Initializing your NXT account by announcing your account public key to the network. Doing this adds a greater level of security to your coins once you obtain them. After Doing this all you have to supply to recieve money is you RS address (NXT-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX).

Address has 3162 NXT
Help others start with NXT and donate to NXT-MDUW-7EM6-GMAX-22222
thank you (:

Recently Initialized

NXT-V2D9-TDFK-MATV-H447X15 hours ago
NXT-22SQ-AGMR-3W67-E7GQG 1 day ago
NXT-3QPH-HLV4-SG4M-7DPLH 1 day ago
NXT-DGDU-23CX-BE7F-DU2V82 days ago
NXT-BWHZ-6S3A-KJML-8SYJC3 days ago
NXT-HKH4-64DR-N659-FQMMW3 days ago
NXT-Z92V-WWBA-BAPF-7RTRP3 days ago
NXT-CZ6V-E5KM-6VHG-6MH4N6 days ago
NXT-6Z4X-AKTM-MBZP-AH25H8 days ago
NXT-FQYB-NQGH-KN3G-7UKY811 days ago
NXT-SPJ7-XS5N-TY9K-F4U3J13 days ago

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