The Jay Framework

A Simple and Secure Web Wallet

Jay Client Page - Download the latest Jay Client

Jay NRS wallet - A Jay integrated web version of the standard Nxt client.

JayEX (beta) - A Jay-compatable frontend to the Nxt AE decentralized exchange.

NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 16921 days ago


  • fixed the issue with unsigned bytes, Jay now parses them just the same as TX_ codes
  • Added the ability to review and broadcast already signed transactions, like the kind that are generated in Vapor

Download Jay | Jay Homepage | Github Release Page

a750d2b3fa843f67146eca0f58a2ee255e1bcd7278e6428e414a25ee6e8e6df0 jay.html

Tx: 9767485808379824362 NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 428 days ago


Small change to Jay client and jay.js in order to allow for the use of the new multigateway plugin.

Jay NRS Now supports multigateway 1.0 with mgwBTC.

Download Jay | Jay Homepage | Github Release Page

5a430570921795083a92fc3fe9f66a56fbce66898731fa98cb9fdd9af5dd64f8 jay.html

Tx: 8335937803343110176 NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 439 days ago


  • Fixed an issue with the popout naming
  • Fixed popout on jay.html renaming
  • New account creation now has the option to autopopulate http:/ and announce the users public key

Download Jay | Jay Homepage | Github Release Page

sha256: 0462698a95f907be502a71fd7f76e012beb665484288f86481430a4026d4b024

Tx: 12250560409311365163 NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 440 days ago

Another new version of Jay with the v.1 branch with the help of longzai, to fix some things up.


  • Popout now optional, window works on the main page as well
  • Option to load additional information on transactions from public nodes
  • Added Jay NRS and JayEX links to the bottom of the page for easy access
  • minor bug fixes and style fixes

sha256: 09fd3a4b36be1debf8f75d9408b9d3075c6ee3943633ea8245fc0817215a8893

Tx: 2206684279074984417 NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 447 days ago

This is a first test post of this new CMS made specially for the jnxt home page.
it has a few new features that allow it to do some pretty cool things, like...

  • A fancy backend ui for writing posts (on my end)
  • Jay/Nxtvault integration, the Nxt address at the bottom can be clicked to bring up a place to copy the address or scan it with NxtVault for use with the quicksend feature (easy way to tip me) :)
  • All posts are checksummed with a sha256 hash as well as a token generated from that hash that is generated by my account
  • That checksum hash and token that are generated are also uploaded to the Nxt network as a message attachment under my account (all posts on this page are then instantly auditable for writer, change in content, and time posted)

The plan is to put up any new updates I have about Jay onto this page so that I can have some central place to update people about the Nxt and Jay progress as it happens.

I am also able to post code fragments to this (hopefully), so I should be able to put some Jay integration samples right onto this page.


Tx: 461864116418367544 NXT-RJU8-JSNR-H9J4-2KWKY - 448 days ago